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Our goal is to help real estate investors get your deals sold for the highest price other investors will pay or we will make you an offer.

We will buy any property subject to the following restrictions such as:

  • properties can't have flooded more than once
  • located within 250 feet from a rail road track, major freeway or sewage facility 
  • fronts or backs to major road, water tower or treatment facility.
  • located outside our service area of the Greater Houston area
  • major cracked slab or slab that can't be leveled correctly
  • major structural problems 
  • have mold or other hazardous materials on property
  • We only buy properties at 70% to 75% ARV minus repairs based upon expert analysis department.
  • If your deal is over 75% ARV minus repairs you should use our Free Landlord Analysis to help determine your properties monthly cash flow, total out of pocket using short term financing and Cash on Cash ROI. To learn more, Click Here.


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