Auction Participation Agreement required to post a property.

In order to post a property, you must check the appropriate box and upload proof you have a right to auction property. Then you must agree to the rest of the terms by checking each box before you can proceed to post a property.

Approve Terms & Conditions to Sell property:

1. Are you the owner or have title to the property or is this an option contract?(Choose One)

2. My properties minimum Bid price is at or below 70% to 85% ARV (after rehab value) - repairs.

3. I have title open with an investor friendly title company, or I agree to open title with Texas American Title at 2500 W Loop S #500, Houston, Tx 77027.

4. Please advise title company, escrow officer, email & phone number, so we can verify that this property can close in the box below? Please list any concerns or update on current title status?

5. I agree to accept the Highest & Best bid that is at or above my Minimum Selling Price when Auction ends or if approved bidder chooses to accept my Buy Now Price. Or I will pay a $997 termination or withdrawal fee for defaulting on the terms and conditions of this site.

6. I agree that I will not be allowed to make any changes to My Properties once they are in Live Auction Status without Admins approval.

7. I agree to the best of my knowledge that there are no liens against this property that would prevent property from selling at the Minimum Selling Price, minus closing costs and prorated property Taxes & HOA fees up to the day of closing.

8. Seller agrees to pay for?(Choose One)

9. Is this property in an Estate?


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