Auction Your Wholesale Deal to the Highest Bidder or our Affiliate Partner Angel Investors, LLC will Buy It!

Our goal is to help real estate investors get your deals sold for the highest price other investors will pay or Angel Investors, LLC will Buy It! (restrictions apply)

We will buy any property subject to the following restrictions such as:

  • We only guarantee single family homes.
  • No mobile homes or properties made with 2" x 2" support walls.
  • Properties can't have flooded more than once.  If it was a one time Harvey flood then there has to be at least 2 rehabbed homes that flooded and sold since flood in legal subdivision to determine ARV within 350 sqft of subject property.
  • Properties can't be located within 250 feet from a rail road track, major freeway, fire station or sewage facility.
  • Fronts or backs to major road, water tower, commercial building or treatment facility.
  • Located outside our service area of the Greater Houston area, or 50 miles outside of downtown Houston.
  • No properties with acreage in Rural areas.
  • Properties have to be in neighborhoods with at least 50 other houses, and no houses that are one of the largest homes in the neighborhood. (meaning over 20% larger than 80% of the homes in subdivision.
  • There can't be any vacant boarded up homes within 5 houses from subject property, and not more than one boarded up home on same street.
  • No major cracked slab that can't be leveled correctly, or has major structural problems. (major structural problems will be determined by Angel Investors, LLC)
  • No property that has toxic mold, has or had hazardous materials on property that negatively affected the property.
  • We only buy properties that can be bought at or below 70% ARV (after rehab value) - repairs under $250,000 ARV and 65% ARV - repairs from $251,000 to $500,000 ARV.  
  • We don't guarantee any properties valued over $500,000 ARV, but will consider making offers on all properties.
  • is an Angel Investors, LLC affiliate website, and the Members will determine the ARV (after rehab value) and repairs needed for all offers.
  • All properties have to be sold by General Warranty Deed with clear title.


Angel Investors, LLC will consider making offers on all properties, but will only guarantee the ones that pass the following restrictions.


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If your deal is valued at 71% to 79% ARV minus repairs it would be great fit to auction to rehabbers & landlords, and if it's 80% to 90% ARV minus repairs you should use our Free Landlord Analysis to help determine your properties monthly cash flow, total out of pocket using short term financing and Cash on Cash ROI. Landlords love monthly Cash Flow, Low Out of Pocket & an ROI over 20% to 30%.  Any properties under $200,000 ARV should be a great option for one of our Landlords To learn more, Go to Landlord Analyser is an Angel Investors, LLC affiliate, Tx Broker license# 0453987