Top 15 reasons to post your Wholesale/Fixer upper deals at

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  9. We will provide a FREE yard sign to put in front of your property when appropriate.  (upon request)
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  11. Support team that will provide Inspection Checklist to ballpark repairs to figure out if your deal is really a deal.  You'll never sell your wholesale deal if you state it only needs a $10,000 rehab when it really needs $30,000 to $40,000.  This is why it's important to be able to walk a house and ballpark repairs.  Get Rehab Cost Estimator
  12. FREE Expert Advice on any questions you have pertaining to real estate investing.  Just ask, and we will go the Extra Yard to help you in your real estate investment business.  Our Team has over 50 years experience in real estate investing, development and building.
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  15. If we can't help you auction your deal then we will make you an offer!(Restrictions apply) is an Angel Investors, LLC affiliate, Tx Broker license# 0453987